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  1. genero
    ourfather posts trash music dont @me
  2. Ism1tha
    Climbing the forum.
  3. Julianio36
  4. VortexFromNorway
    VortexFromNorway pLekz
    Thanks for helping me :D +rep
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  5. Our Father
  6. Our Father
  7. cybersaint
  8. bunnyscopper
    magic distortion
  9. oLLe
    How do I get more points while playing on a kHz server? Or well a faster way to get them?
  10. DziuBKers
    DziuBKers Zpamm
    Can you unblock me on Steam? i wanna talk about my ban cuz i have this 5 months... I gets on 3 months
  11. rin
    rin Sikari
    hey could you message me - i saw you were online and need some help (steam id: /id/resin
  12. Myst
    wish some one would fix the bhop timer
  13. s1n
    Wish i was a good at kz
  14. Ericxdio
    Best cj-er after Gooby
  15. nyalon
  16. Potts
    The ting goes skraaaa
  17. GiantStorm
    GiantStorm Steven
    Hey Steven, I'm kind of new to the forums/vip situation although I've played HOC for a while now. I decided i wanted to get vip and i already donated 10 dollars and sent a message or convo to chuckles. How long would it take to get VIP for KZ?
  18. brown.
    My hands are too big to fit inside a pringles can
  19. iddo
  20. zeR0^v^