[BHOP] New Legits, TAS Wiped and some more!

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By Josh on May 30, 2017 at 8:46 PM
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    Hey everyone!

    InfTimer 1.3 has just been pushed to all the bhop servers.

    New Legits:
    Legit Pro
    is back! A harder version of legit, that is very particular about perfects and good control of your jumps. I hope you enjoy it. Our previous legit has become legit easy and has been changed slightly.

    You have NOT lost your points from your legit style; they will be kept. Your previous points earned from legit also don't affect them on the new modes, so feel free to grind away! (more on that further down)

    TAS Wipes:

    All TAS times and records have been wiped as the crouch bug has been fixed (you exploiters mwhahahaa). As well as this, the autostrafe has been massively improved and should work much better at all speeds. let me know what you think :)

    More and more:

    • Your rank is now displayed in your clan tag, rather than your amount of points
    • Removed weapon speed cap for legit
    • More backend stuff that should hopefully make everything run a little bit faster

    As always, let me know of any issues :)

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Discussion in 'BunnyHop' started by Josh, May 30, 2017.