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    Hi i'm Crook, some of you may know me from my loud mouth, forum posts or others from the 'event' on EU#2 last night.

    As many of you may know there is not much of a community feel on EU. This is partially due to the language barrier or due to the fact that most regular players will be on the American servers. However, whatever the cause is, it needs to improve. So, in an attempt and a sort of 'spur of the moment' kind of thing the first community night on EU was started.

    Firstly we got some Plug DJ action. For those who do not know this is a service where everyone can listen to everyone else's music. This started off with Khorne and I sharing some of our music that we use to kz. I invited more people to join from the server and then, expansion, more people joined the plug DJ and we had a good group of guys. Some classics like Bon Jovi and Abba came on. This spurred some karaoke. Mine and others somewhat horrific singing was heard; overall everyone had a good time.

    Someone who I forget the name of then suggested we Cha Cha slide. This involved about 6 people all doing some dance to the Cha Cha slide. If you don't know what that is I suggest you google it. When this finished I had an idea. A group Kz run. This would involve many people all doing the run at the same time. By this I mean doing a block, waiting for everyone to complete it. Then moving on as a unit. Thus the group climb of kz_rockclimb was started. (Blue words / phrases are clickable)

    Firstly we all grouped at the timer and pressed it simultaneously. This was difficult as due to us using the shortcut about 10 guys had to sit on top of the timer. However, it worked out and we started. Here was one of the first group jumps. This image does not represent the amount of people present. We moved on through the stage. Some blocks were a bit clustered but we made it to the end of the first room where we had a headcount. 11 were counted overall, excluding myself. We then moved on with the stage. We then encountered our first difficult jump. Most made it across but even after much motivation one of the guys was unable to make it. However, he carried on using !stop and !goto. We moved on without issue, until the crouch jump many people had issues on this jump. However, a man came to our aid. His name was Kyra. He was possibly one of the best singers I have had the chance to hear. His motivational songs such as "I believe in you guys!" and "I'm in love with pink master chief (myself)" accompanied by his guitar helped the climbers through the hard jump. He then accompanied the climb in spectator mode and sung motivational pieces. Unfortunately my computer crashed stopping my timer but I carried on anyway. We reached the end having gained and lost a few members. We then co-ordinated a timer press where everyone finished with a solid 25m time. That is not all the finishers but all I could capture in one screenshot. Here is a final photo of all finishers.

    An album of the whole event can be found here:

    So I encourage everyone from EU to join this steam group: with this group I feel that we can expand the EU community and make it a much more lively place where climbers know and can chat and discuss with each other as many people do not visit the forums. This will make a nicer climbing experience for all and hopefully will encourage more people to House of climb than to anywhere else. If anyone has any ideas or criticisms please say down below!

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you will get involved. 

    Crook  :D
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    Was here for this

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    Pretty impressed at how well the group KZ went to be honest haha