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    Thread obsolete for the time being.

    Get Verified And Prove Your Skills!


    As more and more players from CSS move to CSGO, we run the risk of strafe hackers poisoning this community like they did in CSS. In an attempt to combat this we are giving every pro the opportunity to prove their authenticity. This isn't a requirement, but will greatly increase your level of trust in the community by opting in to do it. 

    So how do you verify yourself and who is regarded as a pro? Verification is easy and simple. It's achieved with teamview. First I watch you perform a few long jumps to confirm your skills, then you allow me to inspect your task manager and CSGO folder for any questionable modifications, Finally, reload CSGO and do a run as you would normally. Once proven you will be added to a group called "verified" and given the tag on our CSGO bhop servers and listed as "In Good Standing" on this thread. We will continue watching, and change you accordingly if evidence is submitted that you start hacking.

    Previous infractions related to strafe hacking from CSS will result in an instant failure.

    As an extra incentive to get verified. I'll also throw in a free skin (model on the bhop servers (!models)) on completion.

    Those who are regarded as pros are the players who constantly achieve world records and high scores. Feel free to ask me on steam if you think you are one. In the coming weeks we will be researching and coming up with more ideas on how to stop strafe hackers and are really interested in your ideas. So feel free to leave a reply here with any advice and suggestions. 

    Thanks for being awesome and see you soon ;)


    In Good Standing


    1. Melin - STEAM_0:1:20570390 - 08/02/2015
    2. Miku - STEAM_0:0:120845336 - 08/02/2015
    3. 3VANS - STEAM_0:0:108934987 - 17/02/2015
    4. Raunchy Reece - STEAM_1:0:36082824 -21/02/2015

    1. 3dou - STEAM_0:1:13368494 - 09/02/2015
    2. Dazzle - STEAM_0:1:85669397 - 08/02/2015 - See Below
    3. Frank - STEAM_0:0:78279565 - 09/02/2015   -  Banned For Trolling
    4. Nyoom - STEAM_0:1:70176998 - 10/02/2015
    5. Banana - STEAM_0:0:61155814 - 17/02/2015
    6. Dreamr - STEAM_1:0:31846735 - 27/02/2015




    1. Dazzle - STEAM_0:1:85669397 - 08/02/2015 - Recent infractions on CSS Expired.
    2. Dazzle - STEAM_0:1:85669397 - 08/02/2015 Banned For Scripting