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    Hello there im Dimitrije from Sweden but born in Serbia i´ve been on bhop scene since 2004 started from 1.6 on kz servers played always 10aa and then moved out to try new things and that was Bhop and hns almost spent 3000+h on that game xD dont know if u guys ever heard about the clan 3sixty on cs1.6 scene but at that time 2008 when the clan was founded it was the most competitive clan in the 1.6 scene and if i can say it was the most strongest clan with almost 50+ members from all the world so i was a Kreedz and bhop and hns players my currently nick is NERKO but i was known at that time as DEART so i can leave here a youtube link so u can see some of my tricks and im proud to join you guys :) Cheers!

    p.s sorry for the bad engliuuush :)