hi, its ☭ payne ☯

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    Oct 18, 2014
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    Name: James
    Steam Name: ☭ payne ☯
    Country: USA
    A little about your self: I am 18, currently going to a community college for programming/engineering
    Interesting fact about yourself: played soccer for about eight(b0) years, and have been jumping in cod4 for about 5 and recently moved to CS:GO which is my very first CS.
    Favorite Map: i really enjoy that one map launders plays all the time ( i forget the name but has that bridge jump that skips a whole room lol) other than that im not sure, too new to the scene.

    already made a post before this one but i felt like i might as well introduce myself and try to get these forums alive, i'd love to see the community grow even more