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    House Of Climb VIP RJ Benefits
    Thank you for supporting and being part a of our community - as a thank you we have a bunch of VIP Benefits that will make you look smoother, make it easier to help other climbers or just mess around - also you get access to the VIP Server!

    By donating you will receive all the benefits on all the House Of Climb RJ servers. You will also be equipped with a cool forum status similar to this


    VIP Benefits
    • !models (bind key sm_models) - Allows you to get a different and more personalized model and it will allow you to stand out from everyone else. (All the skins can be seen in the categorized list below)
    • !tags (bind key sm_tags) - Allows you to set your own personal tag, and change the colors of your own tag/name/chat, making you look fancy in the chat.

    List of skins names with pictures


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