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    This will be a living document that gets updated over time.

    Rules of Conduct
    1.        Racism / sexism / homophobiano forms of these are tolerated. This includes variations on the words fag/got and nigga/er. Offenders will lose mic/chat privileges, or be banned outright.
    2.        Cheating – Any program or script that is used to give the player an advantage is not allowed. These are severe offenses, and will lead to perma-bans. Types of cheating:
      •       Hyperscrolling – This is where you have a mouse wheel that has a frictionless mode, and allows the wheel to spin freely. Or you program your keyboard to spam a key a million times. This is not allowed.
      •       Scripting – Any script that allows for automatic bhopping, strafing, jumping, etc will lead to an immediate perma-ban.
      •       Macros – Similar to hyperscrolling, things like setting your spacebar to spam jump every 2ms. Or recording button presses and mouse movements to use on the server. These are not allowed.
      •       Binds – in general, the only approved binds are ‘bind mwheeldown +jump’, and the crouch/LJ bind. And copypasta chat binds.
    3.        Harassment / trolling – Everyone is here to play the game and have a good time. Don’t attack other players, don’t start trouble, and if a player doesn’t want your attention, leave them alone. This includes both mic and chat.
    4.        Spam – In general, spamming chat or the mic is not allowed in the servers. This includes, but is not limited to:
      •       Holding down the mic button while not talking
      •       Playing music over the mic
      •       Constantly repeating messages in chat
      •       Spamming binds (2-3 times is ok, not dozens)
    5.        Don’t block timers – If the map/server has a physical timer button that needs to be pressed, do not block it. You will be asked to move, and if you don’t, you will either be slain or kicked from the server.
    6.        Advertisingdo not advertise other servers. Don’t join just to spam trades, websites, or streams. You can talk about them and link them, but don’t spam.
    7.        Language – The KZ servers are English-only for voice chat. Any language can be used for text chat.
    8.        Abuse towards admins – This is not tolerated. The admins help care for the community for free, any serious abuse directed towards them will be met with punishments. If you have a problem with an admin, please contact MMZ>Kask, Chuckles, or Steven.
    1. The admins and server have multiple options for handing out punishments. These include !mute, !gag, !silence, !slay, !kick, and !ban.
    2. The severity of the offense will determine which option the admin chooses. Repeat offenders will receive longer/harsher punishments. Generally, for minor offenses, you will receive a warning before a punishment comes down. However, for more severe offenses, you will be immediately punished.
    3. Admins have their own set of guidelines to follow, to try and treat each offense fairly, but the decision on the punishment and how to treat each situation is ultimately left to each admin.

    Remember, it's just a game. Chill out, have some fun, and enjoy the company of your fellow gamers.
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