The House of Climb EU #1 kz server keeps crashing

Discussion in 'Climb' started by [PiPa] Chocopasta, Oct 26, 2018.

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    Sep 23, 2017
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    I know the HOC EU #1 server does not have alot of players, but it probably is still worth taking a look at this issue since there are alot of newer players who can play 1 map, than the server crashes and they just give up. Also for the players who play quite a bit, like me and my friends, it is very annoying. Sadly this problem also occurs on the VIP server, so that's not a solution neither.

    The loading screen after switching maps freezes on 'Changing Map'. After a while you get a lost connection message and the server switches to the standard de_dust map, and will change to a random map after launching again. This does not happen everytime, but around 95% of the time.

    Hope you guys have time to take a look at it, and possibly fix it.