The new BHOP timer released! Here is everything you need to know!

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By Josh on Dec 30, 2016 at 3:59 PM
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    Hey everyone!

    So we just pushed the new bhop timer to the Easy EU server (and will be pushing to all servers within the coming days). We are excited for the release, and are happy to say goodbye to our previous timer, in which survived a long time and had many bugs we couldn't fix.

    So what's new and improved? I'll give a quick rundown of the features, feel free to ask any questions to either me or any of the admin team.

    All times have been wiped!

    1. New ranking system!
    The bhop ranking system has changed from the previous level system. We now have a new ranking system, based on everyone's records and their relation to every single other record. This means, that people with 1st place records will receive more points then someone with the 50th place record.

    The point leaderboard is updated every hour (we are still playing around with this number). This means that people should see their ranks update every hour (in terms of, position 35 / 10000 users). However, their rank points (and therefore their tag) will update on the end of the map.


    As your points can now go down, when you connect, you will see whether you have gained any/lost any points since you last connected.


    Any other questions with the ranking system, please ask, I understand that it can be confusing, but hopefully this system should better reward the good players, but still be rewarding to those who are not as good.

    2. Map Zones
    I've spent hours and hours rezoning every single map. All 400 or so of them. While I have try to kept them to global standard, some maps may have incorrect zones. If you find a map with a incorrect zone, or a player comes to you and tells you about a incorrect map zone, please send me a steam message with the map name and a screenshot, or video that contains the correct zone.

    3. Recording / Replaying records
    So with the new timer, we are trialing a new system which allows personal bests to be recorded, rather than just server records. I have currently set it up so that times within 50% of the server record are recorded. For example, a 30 second server record means that people who get under 45 seconds have their replays saved.

    4. Modes & Styles
    No longer do we have Legit nub & Legit pro, instead, we have the "scroll" mode and the "auto" mode.

    Modes currently include Auto & Scroll. Auto meaning auto hop, whereas scroll is what we used to know as legit. However, this means that every style (easy, glitcher, parkour) now have 2 variants, meaning we can now have legit easy, sideways etc.

    Hopefully this will be good news to the legit players :)

    5. More new features

    New statistics for records

    Playerinfo menu now has working options

    • New SSJ command, shows speed every 6th jump and percentage gain.
    • New command that blocks most map's music. Doesn't work with all maps as it depends on how the music is played in the map.
    • The console command: snd_mute_losefocus 0/1 still works for those maps that don't support the command.
    Any questions, feel free to ask them to any of the admin team or me :)

    Thanks everybody!
    - Fusion
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Josh, Dec 30, 2016.