Tester Application

Format for submitting tester application.


Thank you for being part of our community and taking an interest in becoming a tester, there are a few requirements you must be aware of before submitting an application:


English - Applicants are required the demonstrate the ability to write English fluently.
Age - Although there are no specific age requirements in becoming an tester, it is required that you sound, write and act maturely when performing tester related tasks. This includes following all server(s) related rules.
Player Time - We expect all applicants to have played on the servers for a reasonable amount of time. We don't tell you what this is and expect you to figure out what amount of time would be appropriate.
Previous Infractions - Previous player incidences will greatly reduce the chances of an application success if there is not a valid reason why the infraction(s) were received in their application.
Friendliness - Players will only be accepted if they are friendly and can get along with the other testers.
ViP/Rank - A The test group is only open to ViP players, and also KZTimer players who achieve a rank of 'semipro' or higher.

Once your application is successful, you must be able to follow these simple rules


Activeness - Testers are required to remain active within the test group, or they will be replaced.
Progression - Testers are expected to improve upon themselves continuously, to allow the completion of harder maps.
Instructions - Testers must be able to follow instructions provided by the HoC admin staff.


Please use the following template to post an application:

[Name] - MMZ>Kask
[Age] - 29
[Steam Profile] - http://steamcommunity.com/id/MMZkask
[Length Of Playership] - 2 years
[ViP or Rank] - SemiPro
[What admin should we contact to give a vouch for you? who else on the server do you feel can give a valid personal reference?] - #self explanatory
[Information] - Tell us about yourself and why you want to help test new maps and plugins..
[Times] - Please tell us your fastest time on either kz_cursedjourney, kz_adv_cursedjourney, or kz_exps_cursedjourney, and which server that time resides.


When you are ready to apply, please copy this format and paste it into an application thread HERE!