Hello all,

To all those that know so far we have successfully moved most of the NA servers to a more reliable and durable server. Following from this we have decided to do the same to EU. please note that this is not a downgrade it performance, so you should not feel any difference from when it was on the old server. As we were moving the data over, we took note of what servers and game modes were being played, unfortunately as Rocket-Jump was not a main part of HoC and it did not have a stable player base we have decided to turn off this service for the time being. If we get more interest in this game mode we will consider putting it back online. As this is a server change the IP addresses will have changed, so if you had any previous console aliases mapped to joining one of our servers here are the new addresses:

EU #1 - ------->

EU VIP #1 - ------->

EU #2 - ------->

EU VIP #2 - ------->

EU #7 - ------->

EU #3 Bhop - ------->

EU #3 Bhop VIP- ------->

EU GOKZ - ------->


We still have some server admin to go through and sort out, but it should not affect your playtime on House of Climb, other than a few rare server restarts. If you have any questions or notice any issues we might not know about yet feel free to either post on our forums at houseofclimb.com, message @Owners it the official House of climb Discord or feel free to contact either Arkh, Steven or Chuckles.

Thank you for playing on House of Climb!

The HoC Owner Team
Hi all,

CSGO update that broke everything.

We're currently working to fix the issues.

Hey all,

Here are the latest map updates.

New maps added:


As most of you might be aware the NA bhop servers and the EU hard server have now been turned off. We didn't feel like we had enough traffic on the servers even at the peak times to warrant keeping them open. That being said, all of the hard server maps and times are being kept, the maps that were previously on the hard server can still be accessed via the VIP server, and a few maps have been moved on to the easy server. This will not affect your points or rankings.
For the NA hoppers, you can feel free to use the EU servers to keep bunny hopping, the only thing that might be annoying for you with high ping would be the legit modes. Auto should still work as it did on the NA server, even with high ping.

Hopefully by turning these servers off, we can promote cooperation and competition between players.
If we get enough requests for NA we might turn them back on, the same with the EU hard server.

-- Bhop IPs --
HoC EU Easy :
Hello everyone!

Firstly, if you haven't heard about the Kreedz Climbing game, check it out here. The game has been in development for several years and has recently got greenlit and released; based on 1.6 CS movement, the game has over 120 KZ maps and lots of interesting new features for KZers.

Chuckles has set up a US KZ server in the game, featuring all the maps and the global plugin in the coming days. Play the KZ maps with the 1.6 KZ style! All the IPs will be listed below, so we hope to see you on there.

Meanwhile I have been responsible for the Tag Arena mode! Tag Arena is Hide N' Seek with some twists, such as the kz feeling bhop mode along with powerups and a "powerjump", a powerful jump that seekers can use to navigate the map. I was quick to hop into the gamemode, creating some custom plugins (such as !stats) and migrating some older plugins to give the best experience possible.

Both gamemodes are incredibly fun and I'd recommend you check it out. IPs below:

EU: SoonTM


Thanks everyone! Hope to see you around!
Hi there everyone,

A new cs:go update has just dropped and is currently causing issues with the bhop servers. We're actively looking into the issue and will search for a fix as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Hey everyone!

InfTimer 1.3 has just been pushed to all the bhop servers.

New Legits:
Legit Pro
is back! A harder version of legit, that is very particular about perfects and good control of your jumps. I hope you enjoy it. Our previous legit has become legit easy and has been changed slightly.

You have NOT lost your points from your legit style; they will be kept. Your previous points earned from legit also don't affect them on the new modes, so feel free to grind away! (more on that further down)

TAS Wipes:

All TAS times and records have been wiped as the crouch bug has been fixed (you exploiters mwhahahaa). As well as this, the autostrafe has been massively improved and should work much better at all speeds. let me know what you think :)

More and more:

  • Your rank is now displayed in your clan tag, rather than your amount of points
  • Removed weapon speed cap for legit
  • More backend stuff that should hopefully make everything run a little bit faster

As always, let me know of any issues :)


Someone decided to update KZTimer. I know, right? Weird.

Anyways, the major news is that the crouchjump bind has been removed from runs. This also means that a bunch of maps need to have times wiped. Notes below.

Anyways, here's a link to the post:

KZTimerGlobal 1.87 Release | KZ-Climb


Hey everyone!

I've been working on some pretty awesome features recently and we are finally ready to release them! With HoC InfTimer 1.2.0, we have a new style, Tool Assisted Speedrun! Tool Assisted Speedrun allows you to rewind, fast forward, frame manipulate and a few other awesome things to create the most optimised run! Hopefully in the future, we will be enabling slowmotion as well. Another awesome feature of TAS is that replays are (99%) accurate, so you will be able to see the final run all as one replay!

As well as this, we have just under 100 new maps for everyone to try out. Please note, there may be some hard maps on the easy server and easy maps on the hard server, so we will experiment with these maps and may change what server they are on in the future. The map list will be avaliable at the bottom of the post.

Another small fix we have made is correcting "practise" to "practice", hope everyone can sleep at night now.

Rocket jump will be updated to HoC InfTimer within the coming weeks, we are just preparing everything and ensuring that everything works as well as it can.

We will also be changing the "legit" mode back to our old versions of legit; Legit Pro and Legit Nub. We will have more details of this in the future, however the plan is to remove the legit mode and bring 2 new modes, as listed above.

The release should be happening this weekend, and we will have a short downtime to accommodatesetting up new styles, etc.

Any questions or queries, drop a reply or send me a message on steam/discord!
- Josh

Map updates:
New easy maps:
Kask here. Check Out this Kreedz mod. Support the community!

Hello everyone!

Kreedz Climbing, a game that replicates the movement mechanics of Counter-Strike 1.6 (jumping, bunnyhop, doubleduck, lj, cj, etc) is on Steam Greenlight, and I've come looking for your support!

The game will be free forever with no paid DLCs, and is trying to bring KZ to mainstream attention as a game on the Steam store. The game started development over 8 years and has over 80+ maps and 150+ courses, originally it was just for bringing KZ to an updated graphics engine, but now it hopes to unite the KZ communities in a game made for them, where KZ players are the target audience.

Some of the updates to Counter-Strike 1.6 have changed or outright broken some KZ techniques, and it's an unfortunate consequence since KZers are not the target audience for the game and the priority will always be the shooter playerbase. An important force behind Kreedz Climbing's development was trying to give stability and create new techniques to master, like Bungee and Powerjump.

Some people might not like these new techniques, but ultimately they don't have to play maps that include them if they don't want to. There are many pure kz maps and it's down to the mapper if they want to add these features, and mapper possibilities and flexibility is another priority in Kreedz Climbing's development. The game supports plugins via MetaMod/SourceMod as well.

I love KZ and wanted to help create a game made by KZ players, for them. If someone asks me for a feature or has an issue, they are the target audience and important. Having a game like this on Steam will expose this style of gameplay to new players and hopefully expand the playerbase. Finally, it's going to be free, so there should hopefully there won't be any reason why a new player can't give it a go.

Please take a look at the game on Greenlight, and if you like it, give us a vote! Thank you!

Steam Greenlight :: Kreedz Climbing