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By Arkh on Oct 1, 2017 at 3:38 PM
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    Hello all,

    To all those that know so far we have successfully moved most of the NA servers to a more reliable and durable server. Following from this we have decided to do the same to EU. please note that this is not a downgrade it performance, so you should not feel any difference from when it was on the old server. As we were moving the data over, we took note of what servers and game modes were being played, unfortunately as Rocket-Jump was not a main part of HoC and it did not have a stable player base we have decided to turn off this service for the time being. If we get more interest in this game mode we will consider putting it back online. As this is a server change the IP addresses will have changed, so if you had any previous console aliases mapped to joining one of our servers here are the new addresses:

    EU #1 - ------->

    EU VIP #1 - ------->

    EU #2 - ------->

    EU VIP #2 - ------->

    EU #7 - ------->

    EU #3 Bhop - ------->

    EU #3 Bhop VIP- ------->

    EU GOKZ - ------->

    EU GLOBAL LAWLESS - ------->

    We still have some server admin to go through and sort out, but it should not affect your playtime on House of Climb, other than a few rare server restarts. If you have any questions or notice any issues we might not know about yet feel free to either post on our forums at, message @Owners it the official House of climb Discord or feel free to contact either Arkh, Steven or Chuckles.

    Thank you for playing on House of Climb!

    The HoC Owner Team
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Arkh, Oct 1, 2017.