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    Hello everyone!

    Firstly, if you haven't heard about the Kreedz Climbing game, check it out here. The game has been in development for several years and has recently got greenlit and released; based on 1.6 CS movement, the game has over 120 KZ maps and lots of interesting new features for KZers.

    Chuckles has set up a US KZ server in the game, featuring all the maps and the global plugin in the coming days. Play the KZ maps with the 1.6 KZ style! All the IPs will be listed below, so we hope to see you on there.

    Meanwhile I have been responsible for the Tag Arena mode! Tag Arena is Hide N' Seek with some twists, such as the kz feeling bhop mode along with powerups and a "powerjump", a powerful jump that seekers can use to navigate the map. I was quick to hop into the gamemode, creating some custom plugins (such as !stats) and migrating some older plugins to give the best experience possible.

    Both gamemodes are incredibly fun and I'd recommend you check it out. IPs below:

    EU: SoonTM


    Thanks everyone! Hope to see you around!
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Josh, Jun 23, 2017.