Hey everyone!

For those who don't know, I'm in the process of developing a new timer for bunnyhop and rocket jump. We have a test session for the new timer, testing things such as lag, cpu usage etc.

Thanks for playing everyone!

New timer feature list:
- Scroll for all styles
- !playerinfo
- Improved start zones
- Replays for all people who finish within 50% of the server record
- New ranking system being implemented
- New statistics for records such as mouse movement, distance travelled and parkour boosts
- Up to 32 bonuses, 12 (?) styles
- Full view model can now be hidden (weapons and knifes)
- 3rd Person should now be fixed.
- Full pause, noclip and checkpoint support.
- You can no longer parkour boost off players
More new features coming soon!

Thanks for your continued HoC pride!
Hey all,

Here are the latest map updates.

New maps added:

Map changes:
[Times wiped]
kz_ziggurath >> kz_ziggurath_final


Hey all,

You read that right. Starting today, we have rolled out VIP features for our BHOP servers!

Here are the current benefits:

  1. !voteextend - Allows you to start a server-wide vote to extend the map time.
  2. !models - Allows you to set a personal character model
  3. !tags - Allows you to set your own nametag, and change the colors of your own tag/name/chat
  4. VIP Server - Allows you to access the private VIP server (EU live now, NA coming soon), which contains all easy and hard maps. This server does not have map time limits.

Like our other game modes, BHOP VIP is for life with a 1-time donation of $10 USD. You can do this either on the server using !donate, or through our forums here:


Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly.



Good ol' Valve dropped another update on us tonight, and it looks like things might be a little funky on some of the servers. At least the servers are working this time though, amiright?

Anyways, please be patient while the dust settles and we figure out what might be broken and work on fixes. Shenanigans.



At this point, it looks like we've extinguished all the fires Valve created last night, and as such have rolled back the databases on all servers.

If you see anything that still appears broken, or lingering database issues, please message a HoC admin w/ the details. The message will eventually find its way to me.


Dear House of Climb users,
After the CS:GO update (earlier today) was released, we had a hard time keeping the servers up and running. We would just like to say sorry to everyone for the downtime today as we realise it was a huge inconvenience, hence the number of questions surrounding the matter. We spent countless hours trying to fix and regain online access to the servers and have successfully done so at this time. We are currently trying to make the servers as optimal as possible for you and we will carry on doing so. If there are any problems regarding the servers' up time be sure to let us know. Again, we would like to apologise.

Thank you for understanding.

The House of Climb Team.

Here's a rollup of the recent BHOP activity.

bhop_anini by Denuha
bhop_clove by Lemin, port by cstonic
bhop_cyon by Zyper, port by cstonic
bhop_friskv2 by AikoNation
bhop_lucky by Lucky_Extrema
bhop_medium_v1 by Mooni
bhop_qwerty by zenticbhop, port by cstonic
bhop_remnants by a-madman, port by cstonic
bhop_spongebob_csgo by Ashtyn

bhop_aimers_hell by Aux, port by Antosha
bhop_badges by badges, port by spl1t
bhop_colorshit_v2 by Pcpie, ported by nonamedguy
bhop_communityjump_csgo by badgeslol, sQee, .Prox, Hoover, Shellfish. port by rio_
bhop_exodus_fix by Aoki, port by tmontana
bhop_rotebal by Antosha
bhop_rotebal2_go by Antosha
bhop_shitper by Zyper

bhop_wave to bhop_wave_fixed - Fixed the stupid skip & finish zone



Valve released an update that mostly fixed the game, so we've rolled back all databases to pre-everything-is-broken states.

KZTimer global records are still disabled for the time being.


Hey everyone,

As is normal with CSGO updates, everything is broken. Please be patient while we attempt to return things to normal.

If you are playing on one of our servers, please note that any new records or jumpstats set after the update will likely be rolled back once a fix is in place.

May Valve have mercy on our souls.


All KZ servers now have an alphabetical !nominate list.

I've also added a !recent command to show newly added maps. I'll probably expand this to include recently removed maps and maybe recently updated maps, not sure.

I know, I know, took long enough.



Giant map pool update:

New Maps - Easy:
bhop_another20secstrafemap by pcpie, port by nonamedguy
bhop_blankbody by sinful, port by cstonic
bhop_bloc by Netcode, port by Loshadqua
bhop_bluemoon by Elzy
bhop_dipl by biql
bhop_easycheese by cheezz, port by Loshadqua
bhop_leiosmap by Zyper, port by cstonic
bhop_monotonous by biql
bhop_persepillu by Mampu
bhop_project_easy by Brick
bhop_qmpa_csgo by reksormouth
bhop_sauvakavely by altic, port by Loshadqua
bhop_stref_amazon by rogerhahalol
bhop_stref_asleep by rogerhahalol
bhop_stref_cairo by rogerhahalol
bhop_stref_shanghai by rogerhahalol
bhop_stref_siberia by rogerhahalol
bhop_stref_wat by rogerhahalol
bhop_szaq2 by szakal port by Pcpie
bhop_trib_speedrun by Trib
bhop_wood_notsowoodremake_csgo by SkillsFury, port by Saspatoon
bhop_x by Zyper
bhop_y by Zyper, port by cstonic

New Maps - Hard:
bhop_alvo & bhop_alvo2 by Pcpie
bhop_cuteboys_csgo by karasu
bhop_easy_ultrafix by Antosha
bhop_friendsjump by Saspatoon
bhop_infuriating by Fusion
bhop_kinni by Qrypton, port by Loshadqua
bhop_perplexity by Aux
bhop_quesin by nonamedguy
bhop_rockthevote by Canfus
bhop_synthetic by Saving Private Pyle - One of the most creative and best looking maps I've ever seen

Map Updates:
bhop_ambient_v2 > bhop_ambient_v3 - Green stage revamped as well as blue stage slightly changed. Update by Fusion.
bhop_chen > bhop_chen_sr - Broken teleports and lights fixed. Fixed by Aux.
bhop_dispute_csgo > bhop_dispute_csgo_fix - Broken boosters for Easy fixed. Fixed by Fusion.
bhop_shades_sr2 > bhop_shades_sr3 - Broken jump pads fixed. Fixed by Aux.
bhop_vacation > bhop_vacation_v2 - Map slightly changed to improve the speed running and fluidity of the map. Update by Fusion.

Maps Moving:
bhop_dreamtour_rg1 from EASY to HARD
bhop_tropic_v3_rg1 from EASY to...