New bunnyhop timer play session!

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By Josh on Nov 1, 2016 at 2:59 PM
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    Hey everyone!

    For those who don't know, I'm in the process of developing a new timer for bunnyhop and rocket jump. We have a test session for the new timer, testing things such as lag, cpu usage etc.

    Thanks for playing everyone!

    New timer feature list:
    - Scroll for all styles
    - !playerinfo
    - Improved start zones
    - Replays for all people who finish within 50% of the server record
    - New ranking system being implemented
    - New statistics for records such as mouse movement, distance travelled and parkour boosts
    - Up to 32 bonuses, 12 (?) styles
    - Full view model can now be hidden (weapons and knifes)
    - 3rd Person should now be fixed.
    - Full pause, noclip and checkpoint support.
    - You can no longer parkour boost off players
    More new features coming soon!

    Thanks for your continued HoC pride!
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Discussion in 'BunnyHop' started by Josh, Nov 1, 2016.