With the influx of new players and some of the older admins becoming inactive, we've decided we need more admins to fill this void. If you're interested in becoming an admin on either bhop 3# or 4#, now is a good time to make a thread ;)

Thank you to all the players who've made the servers awesome and you're interest in becoming part of the team!

See you in the servers ;)
Hello everyone

I'm ImmortalCondition - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Immortal_Condition/. I love to bunnyhopping, and thats why I decided to open my own bhop server to make a perfect place to play, because other CSGO servers either lack maps or have buggy setups. However I came to the conclusion that most players would rather play on a slightly bad server ,as long as it's part of a community, than play on a good server which was run by some guy with no current intentions of opening more servers. So I decided to join one.

Two days ago myself and Steven talked about merging my bhop server into your community whilst allowing the server to be cloned for US players. Steven came to the conclusion it was a good idea and we began working right away on the preparations.

Within 24 hours everything was finalized and successful. Two new bhop servers are now open and ready to be played on!

  • House Of Climb 24/7 EU#3 |Bhop|Auto|Legit|3rd Person|Store
  • House Of Climb 24/7 #3 |Autobhop|Legitbhop|Chicago|100tick|

The servers boast many features, including many ported maps (by myself #Edit: Now Kickbar, thanks dude!) and custom plugins that increase the enjoyability. They will be well supported, with new maps added regularly. I would like to take the opportunity to tell you about the map section on the forum. Please use it to post map port requests from CSS, I will do my best :D

So with that all said, I hope to see you all on bhop and please leave feedback regarding the servers, I'm very interested in suggestions!