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    In case you didn't notice, the House of Climb website got a face-lift!

    This update was definitely a long time coming, a long time planning, and a break-neck paced execution. We're still cleaning a few things up (like some wayward thread tags), so bear with us over the next few days!

    BIG BIG shout out to Bortius for helping to fund this update!

    Some of the new features:
    • Articles: As you can see, we will now be promoting recent announcements to the front page
    • Shoutbox improvements: you can now pop-out the shoutbox from the website!
    • Steam Integration: link your Steam acct in your player control panel
    • PM conversations: the new private messaging system is vastly improved
    • Alert system: see at a glance what you've missed while you were away
    • Mobile friendy: the site should work on your phones and tablets now
    If you see any glaring issues, please let us know.

    And as always, enjoy!

    EDIT: Go here for the Steam integration feature:

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MMZ_Kask, Jan 23, 2016.