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By Arkh on Jul 29, 2017 at 8:58 AM
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    As most of you might be aware the NA bhop servers and the EU hard server have now been turned off. We didn't feel like we had enough traffic on the servers even at the peak times to warrant keeping them open. That being said, all of the hard server maps and times are being kept, the maps that were previously on the hard server can still be accessed via the VIP server, and a few maps have been moved on to the easy server. This will not affect your points or rankings.
    For the NA hoppers, you can feel free to use the EU servers to keep bunny hopping, the only thing that might be annoying for you with high ping would be the legit modes. Auto should still work as it did on the NA server, even with high ping.

    Hopefully by turning these servers off, we can promote cooperation and competition between players.
    If we get enough requests for NA we might turn them back on, the same with the EU hard server.

    -- Bhop IPs --
    HoC EU Easy :
    HoC VIP :
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Discussion in 'BunnyHop' started by Arkh, Jul 29, 2017.