[BHOP] New maps and changes - 9/9/2016

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By MMZ_Kask on Sep 9, 2016 at 6:02 PM
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    Giant map pool update:

    New Maps - Easy:
    bhop_another20secstrafemap by pcpie, port by nonamedguy
    bhop_blankbody by sinful, port by cstonic
    bhop_bloc by Netcode, port by Loshadqua
    bhop_bluemoon by Elzy
    bhop_dipl by biql
    bhop_easycheese by cheezz, port by Loshadqua
    bhop_leiosmap by Zyper, port by cstonic
    bhop_monotonous by biql
    bhop_persepillu by Mampu
    bhop_project_easy by Brick
    bhop_qmpa_csgo by reksormouth
    bhop_sauvakavely by altic, port by Loshadqua
    bhop_stref_amazon by rogerhahalol
    bhop_stref_asleep by rogerhahalol
    bhop_stref_cairo by rogerhahalol
    bhop_stref_shanghai by rogerhahalol
    bhop_stref_siberia by rogerhahalol
    bhop_stref_wat by rogerhahalol
    bhop_szaq2 by szakal port by Pcpie
    bhop_trib_speedrun by Trib
    bhop_wood_notsowoodremake_csgo by SkillsFury, port by Saspatoon
    bhop_x by Zyper
    bhop_y by Zyper, port by cstonic

    New Maps - Hard:
    bhop_alvo & bhop_alvo2 by Pcpie
    bhop_cuteboys_csgo by karasu
    bhop_easy_ultrafix by Antosha
    bhop_friendsjump by Saspatoon
    bhop_infuriating by Fusion
    bhop_kinni by Qrypton, port by Loshadqua
    bhop_perplexity by Aux
    bhop_quesin by nonamedguy
    bhop_rockthevote by Canfus
    bhop_synthetic by Saving Private Pyle - One of the most creative and best looking maps I've ever seen

    Map Updates:
    bhop_ambient_v2 > bhop_ambient_v3 - Green stage revamped as well as blue stage slightly changed. Update by Fusion.
    bhop_chen > bhop_chen_sr - Broken teleports and lights fixed. Fixed by Aux.
    bhop_dispute_csgo > bhop_dispute_csgo_fix - Broken boosters for Easy fixed. Fixed by Fusion.
    bhop_shades_sr2 > bhop_shades_sr3 - Broken jump pads fixed. Fixed by Aux.
    bhop_vacation > bhop_vacation_v2 - Map slightly changed to improve the speed running and fluidity of the map. Update by Fusion.

    Maps Moving:
    bhop_dreamtour_rg1 from EASY to HARD
    bhop_tropic_v3_rg1 from EASY to HARD
    bhop_vinter from EASY to HARD

    Removing Maps:





Discussion in 'BunnyHop' started by MMZ_Kask, Sep 9, 2016.