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    Well, It's my first map on csgo, but I do think It's fun to play it.

    Steam Workshop :: kz_structures

    This map have easy/medium jumps, which combines from few ladders, few short bhop sections, 1 lj and mostly combos.
    I made it also a pro run friendly (I believe), but not too friendly, for the non-skilled players that wanna get good and actually finish it without tps.
    For the start I created 2 ways, the first one is the normal way, which requires more skill, but it can be done faster than the 2nd, which is the way for not so skilled kz players to get started with it, but it's also slower.
    I know the textures aren't that special, but after all, It's my first map, and for me it was more important to make it visible (I hope I did good job with that one).
    I believe that the global rec can be done with 55 seconds, but I also believe that its hard to get very constant run in it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Also, big thanks to DanZay, which actually helped me alot with getting into mapping in csgo kz.