Passed from [Scrub] to [Skilled] in one shitty pro run.

Discussion in 'Climb' started by nightfury, Sep 4, 2018.

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    Sep 4, 2018
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    Ok, the title say pretty everything but i'm gonna explain with more detail.
    I did a pro run, not good at all, i was like 220/230 on the ranking.
    I was [Scrub] with 2000p approximately, after this run, i ranked up to [Skilled] with ~51000p.
    So this is already weird but i chated with the guys in the server, and they said that it was just a bug... so i refreshed my profile, and waited a couple of second. Then a message in the chat saying "You are now ranked as [Casual]" so i re check my !rank, and i'm now 20300p. And even after one day, i'm not back to [Scrub].
    So i just ranked up by ~17000p in one very bad pro run. I'm a lucky man but it's still a bug. So that's all.
    Have a good day! :D

    ps: prove. Look at my tp times and pro times. Someone cannot be ranked as [Casual] with only 34times without wr or even good runs.